We Are Dental Technicians

A short video on what it means to be a dental technician.

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  1. Michael Flynn Reply

    38 years a Dental Technician and I still enjoy my job.

  2. Waseem Akram Reply

    hi iam dental technician plz I want dental technician promatric mcqs plz help me plzz

  3. Studio 7 Entertainment Reply

    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Dental Technician may not be for everyone, but for those that truly understand it will love it! Don't listen to negativity.

  4. aphex Reply

    I will be dental technician when I grow up

  5. Meryam Reply

    Hi! I'm a dental technician too, and I also worked as a dental assistant, and no it's not a little work it's hard,root canal treatment it takes at least tree sessions for a tooth, and reducing the volume of the tooth or teeth is not that easy and must of dentiste have a back problems and they have to put up with the patients shit.

  6. Tom Williams Reply

    I'll help you find your ideal job as a dental technician – 905-841-2332

  7. snowfort77 Reply

    I think CA has the most labs. You should go where there are few labs. Better work conditions and higher pay and less stress.

  8. snowfort77 Reply

    2 questions and i mean no disrespect. Is English your second language? What state do you live in?

  9. senorstrangelov Reply

    Then why is this trade considered unskilled labor? It takes much skill and lots of knowledge for what these people do yet its considered unskilled labor and people after work below minimum wage to perform their duties as a lab tech …..

  10. Mike Goodwill Reply

    Sold out to China due to the free China trade. Dentist prefer to use the China trade to have restorations made for as low as $13 per unit when compared to $300 when done localy. This is propaganda, dental technicians are financial levers for dentist. Dental technicians gain a tenth of what the patient pays the dentist, in other words we make the dentist ten times richer from what we make. Dental technicians do mine thank you very much!

  11. LipshaT1987 Reply

    I in the second year at a Dental Technician Colege in Romania and i work for five months in a lab modelling wax.When i graduate my diploma will be ok in the US? How much could you get paid in the US just for modelling wax? Thank you

  12. CopeDelijeSeVeR Reply

    Im now going to school as dental technician and its whole lot of fun ppl 🙂

  13. ColdSteelDDS Reply

    THIEVES?! Really? You obviously don't own and run a lab or you would have a clue.

  14. Steve Horsemann Reply

    We could exchange each others pieces about build ups,crowns,ceramics,etc.I've got further plans for future and if you're fed up with cheap workers,let's do somethin new!

  15. Steve Horsemann Reply

    Yeah,the cheapest lab!Absolutely agree…!!That's what we have to forget once and for all!! I've got further plans for future!What are your ambitions?1 thing's for sure:I've got serious plans for future,but without unskilled people!!What are your plans in this profession?Maybe,we could exchange E-mails and photos about our pieces of work,some photos about the work we've done before,…and then,we'll see what happens!What's your answer?My E-mail is: prince9734@gmail.com …Awaiting Ur response!

  16. Steve Horsemann Reply

    ..seeking for 2 or 3 more skilled workers!(not unqualified ones!!)I've got concrete & exact purposes for the further future!I hope You've got as well!And I am seeking for workers in the US!! Are you working in the US,right now?It would be pity to finish the profession,because of bad techs,don't you think?One thing's for sure:I'm also fed up with working with cheap'n unqualified lab people and That's why I wanna open a brand new lab! I don't wanna end up and give it up!I am waiting for Ur reply!

  17. Steve Horsemann Reply

    Neither for you,nor for me! I absolutely agree!!After a few years,sooner or later,You'll find out that a simple work in a lab as an employee becomes not just boring,but after a few years,You'll be sick&tired of working amongst 10,or 12 other co-workers!Exact the same had happened to me and I'm fed up with that! The job that is offered for you doesn't fit to Ur ambitions and it has nothing to do with the purposes You wanna make in your further career! I'm a skilled dental technician…

  18. Freddy Araya Reply

    Yo estoy estudiando para ser uno más y este vídeo me motiva a seguir mas mi sueño!

  19. Beman300 Reply

    i'm a dental technician and a dentist too, worked for years in both branches. When i was a dental technician i thought technicians were serious people with the priority to make accurate crowns under microscope ecc. when i became a dentist i found out that many technicians aren't able to do a decent job, but they wanna get paid as they were Geller or Palmia. So the (bad)dentist can take advantage on the (bad)tech. Finally i found a good tech, believe me, no one would take advantage on him.

  20. LateNightInventor Reply

    Very Sorry! My mistake.
    No wonder why a dental technician in New Zealand can do the work of an Orthodontist.
    Good luck with your carrier.

  21. Shannon Saunders Reply

    New Zealand is a developed country, not an American state… I can't be bothered with you anymore…

  22. LateNightInventor Reply

    "… I don't want to be a technician anymore…working with unqualified cheap labor people is No fun for me."
    What is your plan?

  23. LateNightInventor Reply

    Many Lab owners blame Glidewell Labs for ruining the industry. GL labs make below average products at low price. They rip off their technicians and been suited constantly. There were atleast two law suits brought by US Labor Dept. in the past. A month ago, a Class Action law suit headed by Lee Tran& Liang, APLC law firm in Los Angeles vs. Glidewell. Supplier likes Dentsply sends work to China at dirt cheap prices. Their price for a PFM crown is less than raw material price purchased in US.

  24. antares37 Reply

    Well, that's what I'm talking about…the technicians and lab owners ruined the business by offering cheaper and cheaper work…and 90% of the dentists are not so picky and go for the cheapest Lab. Only some high end Labs make still money for some good quality work….at least in the US, I don't want to be a technician anymore…working with unqualified cheap labor people is No fun for me.

  25. LateNightInventor Reply

    Most dentists in US are very well trained. They can provide very nice preps and impressions if they want to. They normally get tired at the end of the procedure and become sloppy. Sometimes, it can be the patient who gasps making the procedure very difficult. If it is difficult for a tech to make a crown on the bench, imagine how hard it would be to do it in the mouth. Are you using CAD/CAM? I wish you the best in your career.

  26. LateNightInventor Reply

    Dental technicians were paid very good salary 10-15 yr ago. I knew many dental techs made over USD 100K/yr and one made over 200K/yr doing pressed porcelain veneer. Not many techs make that much now a day. They might even make less in future because of the CAD/CAM machines doing some of the work and the price of precious metal is too high.

  27. LateNightInventor Reply


    This is a video by GL Lab locates in southern California, USA so my posts mostly regard to USA. I met countless doctors and dental techs all over the world (Germany, France, Russia, Bosnia, China, Korea, Japan, Philipine, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Africa, Cuba, USA, Brazil and many other countries to be listed here). I have been to many rich and poor countries and see how dental work are done. Have you been out of NZ? How long have you been a dental tech?

  28. Shannon Saunders Reply

    You just contradicted yourself so much I don't think you actually understand what you are trying to say. You are generalizing everything to American standards, yet you say that you're talking about the world… 0.o

  29. LateNightInventor Reply

    Now I remember, I visited New Zealand Town in Polynesian Culture Center when I was in Hawaii. You are Pacific Islander, one of US territories. No wonder why you stated "Firstly, dentists aren't doctors." If you ever visit Hawaii, you will see a difference. Dentists in Hawaii have a doctorate degree. The law is very different in developed countries. You can call Glidewell Lab and ask if you are in doubt, they have 1 800 number. What tittle do dentists have in your area?

  30. LateNightInventor Reply

    In US, a person normally finish 4 yrs college with a bachelor degree before been accepted to a dental school, where he/she would spend another 4 to 7 years. Dentists are doctors when they complete school. Please do a little research @ the world to improve your knowledge before you get upset. A decent dental tech with 3 to 4 years of schooling would not use the language you are using. Can you work on patients directly without a dentist in your country? Not here in US, generally.

  31. LateNightInventor Reply

    I don't know what country you are living in. In US, dentists are Doctors (DDS, DMD). Some teach in Medical School, some do reconstructive facial surgery. Dentists' training in US is way beyond training of dental technicians. Dental tech here must follow Rx provided by dentists (it a law). Any modifications made to a case must be approved by dentist. It might be different in your place, where a dentist can be home grown, or little study. We are talking about the world here.

  32. Shannon Saunders Reply

    Firstly, dentists aren't doctors. If there are lengthy courses don't comment on other technicians saying that they're training doesn't compare to dentists'. Technicians aren't helpers for the dentist, that's what the dental nurses are for. We design and make the prosthesis', not write down your work for you. If you want an analogy dentists are doctors, but the technicians are the engineers that make the prosthetic limbs. Don't try and belittle our profession, cause you sound like an asshole

  33. LateNightInventor Reply

    There are 2 and 5 year programs here in the US too. If you check out the master program held at UCLA School of Dentistry, you will know what I meant. It does not matter how much training you get, you are still a sergeant and doctors are officers. If you own a well run lab, you can make 10, 100, or even 1000 times what a doctor would make. Glidewell labs make over 300 million USD a year. How many dentists would make that kind of money?

  34. Shannon Saunders Reply

    You're wrong. Maybe in American, or where ever you are from the technicians only get 7 months training, but in New Zealand we get 3 years minimum, 4 if we want to do clinical and extra for post graduate study, etc.
    The reason I got into dental technology is because my brother, after going to dentists over many years for orthodontic treatment, went to a technician once who fixed his problem in a few months.
    As the video states, we are the brains and brawn behind dental treatment, not dentists.

  35. antares37 Reply

    I would love it too if it would pay some decent money…

  36. alex menzi Reply

    I totally agree with uu wish I never came into this industry to much cut throat in the UK. Best advise I was given become a Plummer why did I.not listen

  37. uutarn Reply

    Im sorry what wage do you pay your technicians again? Oh yea you didnt state that. Ok i will enlighten, 15 years experience, fully trained and qualified, £7.50. Admitedly i live in a poor part of the UK but still, cant exactly put my kids through uni on that?
    Thats funny because i didnt pay for my training and i can take an impression properly… and take a bite properly… and a shade…. Why do we need dentists again???

  38. LateNightInventor Reply

    Congratulations! You can learn a lot in a dental office. I thought you love GL.

  39. LateNightInventor Reply

    If you are 16, you should stay in school and go to college. If not, be an auto mechanic. That job won't go over sea.

  40. LateNightInventor Reply

    I guess you want to experience the horror yourself. If you heard Many horrible things, why are you asking for second opinion? You should ask for the Last opinion.

  41. LateNightInventor Reply

    What do you do as GL that rocks? Would you please tell us a little more about your daily routine? It sounds interesting.

  42. LateNightInventor Reply

    Are you planning to get a job there when you finish school? Please come back and let us know how it turns out.

  43. LateNightInventor Reply

    It is very true until you don't have money for rent and buy food for your children.