We Found A Megalodon Shark Tooth!!

We went out to our river site and managed to find quite a few nice teeth. We found great whites, tigers, hemipristis serrra, and even a huge Megalodon shark tooth! There were also quite a few crayfish/crawdads out there, but none were harmed in any way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Truth Reigns Forever Reply

    I don’t believe those are Megalodon teeth? They are from something else. ☝️😲

  2. SC EM Reply

    Put that under your pillow and the shark fairy will leave you some bite coins.

  3. StillNoPickles Reply

    What the hell man that's not a shark tooth, that's my butt plug…

  4. Jack Du Reply

    Mr mako me crazy do you think megalodon still exist

  5. Dylan Sinadinoski Reply

    He should not be a dentist because he will look in someons mouth and say hmmmmmmm that's a great white

  6. Holly James Reply

    Great white teeth with a root? That's really rare!

  7. h3dsh0t Reply

    You said HE’S a big guy when “SHE” has EGGS 😂😂😂😂

  8. Reply

    Can u buy them online ?

  9. Ileana Ramos Reply

    Great video. Is this at the peace river in Florida?

  10. Courtney May Reply

    my 1st grade teacher had a bucket of rocks/shark teeth and you had like an hour to find some every day and I lost like 20bags of shark teeth

  11. D Hawkins Reply

    found one in MS when hunting with MS Rock and Mineral Club!

  12. Trevor Wise Reply

    can I have one please 105okeleaf.ct extent gorg

  13. Jennifer Hicks Reply

    Hi I live in NC and would love to know the best spots to find large teeth. Can you please message me and share your locations. You help me and I will share my favorite hunting spots too!

  14. Gamingbeaver Fan Reply

    My dad said it's fake but I was like NO it's not fake it's real