What is a dental bridge

A fixed dental prosthesis used to fill up the gap between at least two teeth. Which are being fitted with a crown is known as a dental bridge. Dental bridges should be used to bridge gaps between teeth, where teeth is actually missing and in cases where the tooth stump is present. While making a denture, covering existing tooth stumps with a bridge might result in the loss of the tooth over a period of time.
In restorative dentistry, sometimes even an overhanging bridge is made, where the tooth missing after two neighbouring teeth, whose crowns are being re-constructed. Such an over-hanging dental prosthesis only works when placed away from the jaw joint, where the chewing pressures are lesser. Moreover, a dental bridge does not work in longer sequences, as the denture teeth are exposed to high pressures and might result in the loss of a tooth.
Depending on the material used, a dental bridge can be a gold bridge, ceramic bridge or zirconium bridge. While in some cases a bridge can be a combination as well, such as a gold ceramic bridge. The durability of a bridge is, however, dependent on the accuracy and placement procedure and not on the material used.
Nowadays, in restorative dentistry the focus is moving towards a more realistic dental bridge and dentists are giving an artificial root to the fixed dental prosthesis to make it more durable. http://www.checkdent.com

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  1. Lisa Carpenter Reply

    I have a partial in the front 4 teeth. Can i get a bridge?

  2. shakiki fen. Reply

    So if I'm missing my 2 back molars, I can't get a bridge?