What to do if one tooth looks big and long

This video shows you one thing you can consider if you have one tooth that looks big and long.

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  1. Shellie Lawler Reply

    I got my braces off in September of 2018. My upper front two teeth, one is shorter than the other after i got my braces off and got my retainer.

  2. Topi Sora Reply

    I have an bigger teeth more than 15 plzzz…tell me Dr how much it will cost to make my teeth small…???

  3. mike litoris Reply

    I just got my braces off and my orthodontist didn’t do any of this :’(

  4. Sam Whinni Reply

    lol invisalign??!! clearly they were not!

  5. Poonam K Reply

    My upper front 2 teeth are bigger, wider. Yes ! Absolutely like a rabbit🙄🙄
    Specially when i laugh it looks awkward.

  6. ea English Reply

    I am also worried now about my front teeth and Unhealthy Gums lower teeth and One of my teeth is bigger than 2nd one (in front )

  7. inass fikri Reply

    Did you reshape her front tooth cuz i have the same probleme??

  8. Roses rose Reply

    please help me. My front teeth is so big and it keeps forward. what to do with this. I can't afford braces

  9. heart me Reply

    I just had my braces and i'm in my first month i noticed that my front tooth is starting to get longer than the other and it's also more sensitive is it normal ?

  10. geeth anjali Reply

    after using braces, will the problem solves permanently?

  11. Carmita Papillon Reply

    What did you do for her i hot the same problems, where is your clinic???