Why Aren't You A Dentist? Strategies for Dental School Applicants #AskDrDarwin | Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

These strategies are applicable for all pre-dental applicants and especially for those that are non-traditional applicants : over 30; non-science majors, etc.

Listen to how DrDarwin provides a strategic plan for an aspiring dentist looking to be a competitive applicant for the class of 2022.

Learn the following strategies:
1- Personal Statement based on your life story
2- DAT prep options and scores
3- Summer Health Professions Enrichment Program
4- Networking with other Dentists and those involved in the Admissions Process
5- Make the Hustle a Habit
DrDarwin’s goal is to help as many new dentists as possible. Help us reach 1000 subscribers here on YouTube by February 2017:
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The #AskDrDarwin Q&A Show is DrDarwin’s way of providing a multitude of value by taking your questions about oral health care procedures/services and new dentists challenges, tips, and strategies and giving you his answers based on his experiences building a successful dental business, being a key opinion leader and program director in advanced dental education, and as mentor, coach, and strategist to new dentists.
The show is a weekly Professional Development and Oral Health Awareness Series for New Dentists and Dental Consumers.

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  1. ttle4 Reply

    Hello Dr. Hayes,
    I will be applying to dental school for this coming application cycle. Please let me know how I can contact you for advice about my application. Thank you in advance for your time.