Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…..

Dr. O explains the reason why dental implants may be painful and what Innovative Dental does to provide a much more comfortable treatment for missing teeth. Most implants are placed with a free handed approach which requires a large surgical incision and the pain along with it. At Innovative Dental, Dr. O uses 3D Computer Guided Implant placement to avoid this process and give patients a much more comfortable procedure and quick recovery!

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  1. estephanina Reply

    Thank you so much for this information of video I feel much more at ease with my upcoming appointment

  2. What can a patient ask in their area that isn’t in the same location to see you for painless implant procedures ? For safe procedures ? And ensure safe placement.

  3. Brad Couture Reply

    I had tooth number 10 implant done at Clear Choice in Columbia, Maryland. I had no pain after the procedure, the swelling was the only thing noticable on my left cheek. Went for my 14 day post op checkup and all is good. The entire cost will be 6,500 bucks for one tooth. This one fixed price would include everything that is needed. I decided not to go with a bridge. I felt the tooth implant was the very best option for the long term.. Sadly, most dental insurances do not cover a lot of the cost that is involved with this specific procedure. Heck, my implant cost more than my beautiful, used Mercedes Benz diesel W124 car.

  4. ian gibson Reply

    how to grind out old bottom bone. teeth…without to much pain….after 3 needed pain killer jabs…i still felt much pain and tenderness ..

  5. Ayesha Saddiqa Reply

    I am from pakistan .. and in next month i am going to have an implant .. and my doctor has 2D machine .. so what could i do ? I am so afraid 😓

  6. Kevin Walter Reply

    I have 2 missing teeth and my insurance said they won't cover a partial because its not medically necessary… I wish I had the extra cash for implants.

  7. Little TwinS Reply

    A friend of my husband got nerve damage after dental implants, which causes her in pain 24/7 and no pain killer can relieve the pain. She was told the dentist drilled too deep that damaged the nerve.

  8. Beeman Minnesota Reply

    Just had 8 implants done, I was told it would only hurt from the beginning, local anesthesia. Not true for me, it felt like I just had all my extraction done again, but it only lasted for about 6 hours.

    No matter what the pain could be I would encourage anyone to look into implants, because of bone loss. My dentist said if I didn't do it soon I would have to get bone graphs for implants to be done in near future.

    I checked with our dental insurance and because of bone loss the insurance was going to pay 80% of cost. Implants are not always cosmetic, can preserve bone density.

    I would have never believed I could have lost so much bone in just 5 years, but the 3D image of my jaw doesn't lie. I will be so happy to have teeth close to the real thing again.

    BTW, after one week very little pain just from my gums being cut open for the restructuring of jaw bone, so implants could be installed.

  9. christianright09 Reply

    Im looking at future tooth lose ,due to thinning enamel…Acid reflux/diet drinks/acid,what kind of cost??Generally??

  10. Full Send Reply

    Just got two implants on the bottom and 2 sinus lifts on top missing teeth. no pain at all just mouth is really frozen

  11. Georgene Roselles Reply

    Why doesn’t dental insurance get into the 21 st century what they pay a year is a joke. They should cover at least half

  12. Lesley Reyes Reply

    I need teeth implants. At age 12 I got hit with a rock and both my front teeth fell right out it was a horror moment. Today my goal is, to save money and get implants.

  13. Tina Kelch Reply

    Dr I’m getting Zirconium … I just had a bone graft put in end of Jan an watched root cause on Netflix’s which the Ada took down all ready … the guy that did that documentary I went thru the same thing ,it has taking me three months to heal from a root canal 🦷 an had the root canal tooth pulled so they put bone graft in… how long before you can eat on it when they put screw in … I’m kinda scared been listening to a lot of videos an had testing me on both an they told zirconium .. in the movie they said people are having problems with the titanium

  14. Terry Baptist Reply

    In other words you are trying to tell us is to take care of our teeth or we could wind up looking like the character sloth from the Goonies movie.

  15. Emma Vogel Reply

    Why I just found this.. I been following you on utube doc.. I have implants but no teeth yet huhuhu pls help pick me.😰😭😭

  16. Paulo Maracas Reply

    Go to a proper dentist who know how to do it right and then you won't get any pain.
    Simple – Duh

  17. Cloven Beast Reply

    I was hella afraid of how it would hurt. Only had 1 implant done. I was significantly more swelled up probly from the bone graft but it Hurt about as bad as having a tooth pulled afterward. No real pain just a little bit of pressure from swelling. I would rather have an implant then a root canal any day!

  18. Erwin Karl Reply

    I do not want to have even metal in my bones.
    It will form a battery with the existing metals and wear out.
    Before those idiots did put us Mercury in our mouth.
    You can not trust those money makers.
    Read or watch Ramiel Nagel's "cure tooth decay".

  19. Erwin Karl Reply

    Clickbite Video! Do you think that is good for trusting you?

  20. Cynthia Ingram Reply

    You're one of the best looking dentist I've ever seen! …You are definitely eye candy for the soul and your personality is what really rocks!…
    As soon as I get rich I'm flying to your office and that's my very first investment my teeth.
    So God bless and continual prosperity

  21. Linda Cherry Reply

    I had a single dental in-plant put in . Had stitches put in and had it done under a local. Took nurofen plus for two days after. About a week after I was totally without pain. Getting the original tooth pulled out was worse. with the tugging and getting dry socket after.

  22. J P Reply

    Is extrating teeth save for health and if it wasnot how could we fix that

  23. notta3d Reply

    So I have been complaining to my dentist about a tooth hurting on the top left side. He has taken x-rays twice in the past 2 years. The full set and the little set of x-rays. For 2 years he said he didn't see anything. Well last week I could feel the back of one of my teeth splitting from the front side. The dentist could only fit me in a week later but when I called an expressed the pain, terrible headaches, they were able to fit me in the next day. He said "yep the tooth is cracked." He had to pull the tooth because the crack was below the gum line. I said at least now we know what the pain was. He said he couldn't see the crack because it was on the backside and x-rays are 2-dimensional. I thought it was a lame answer. Now I have to pay $4100 to get an implant. I am going to let him do it, but I should probably switch doctor's. How would you go about finding a dentist that has modern equipment like this? If he had this he could have caught it early and put in a crown. I have been going to him for years and I know they will ask why I stopped going and I’m going to tell him not having modern equipment cost me a tooth. I am annoyed I lost one of my original teeth.

  24. michael monroe Reply

    What's the cost for upper and lower got hit in a bike crash stupid kid texting and driving

  25. Sam Lev Reply

    The cost is extreme…most of it is lab work. If they lowered the $…there would be more demand

  26. Lita P Reply

    I’m a dental assistant and I’m learning about implants finally! Thanks for your video! It’s helped me as well! Also love your pano room! The walls look great!