Why YOU should become a DENTIST! |Top 3 Reasons|

Ever thought of becoming a dentist?!! Well here are 3 reasons why you should definitely become one!

This is obviously a parody! I love my job, but it sure has its moments!

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14 Replies

  1. aish aishu Reply

    Does average student can become a dentist? ?? Do we have more knowledge to become dentist? ??? Is it tough to study or becoming a dentist? ??

  2. Mizo Ziz Reply

    Do you advice me to become a dentist or pharmacist

    And that's agreat video❤

  3. You say What! Reply

    I really whanna be a dentist but i have too problems
    1.i can't say tooth or teeth correctly
    2. Im not every skilled at arts so i can fill up teeths
    Any help?

  4. VeganDrifts Reply

    Hahaha that was great… I'm in undergrad right now applying this cycle… wish me luck on my DAT..

  5. Andres Reyes Reply

    This might be a dumb question but do dentists have a DEA number like MDs?

  6. Tim Tursonoff Reply

    8 months on a denture?! Of course it doesn't fit!!! Too much soft tissue and hard tissue shrinkage. 90 days from start to finish absolute max.
    PS. Patients saying "you are not a doctor you are a dentist!" – maybe 1 out of 10,000. Good video though.

  7. Craig Hamilton Reply

    lol. 8 years after highschool. In Jamaica it's only 5 years. lol. Future dentists come and study in Jamaica

  8. TheAtomSlicer Reply

    That was no kid on the front of your car, and it wasn't just one person either