Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection

NEVER use ESSENTIAL oil of wild oregano – or you will burn your mouth tissue!

When we say “full strength” we mean regular wild oregano – like NAHS or Joy Of The Mountains brand – that is already cut 4:1 with olive oil. Then, when we talk about “diluted” wild oregano, we are taking this regular oil and diluting it even further with more olive oil.

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How to use either full-strength (this means a commercial brand, like NAHS or Joy Of The Mountains, NOT Essential wild oregano – NEVER use Essential oil of oregano), or diluted wild oregano oil (this means a commercial brand diluted even further) to eliminate the pain and infection caused by cavities. Can also be used for infected gums, mouth ulcers or coxsackie virus – just apply directly using dropper or finger.

To learn WHY my kids have tooth decay – before making accusations – please see my blog post on it and I welcome your comments (the other comments there are also well worth reading):

What Causes Tooth Decay?

UPDATE: My son – mentioned in this vid – is now 13. ALL his adult teeth have come in straight, with minimal decay. If you want to see how his teeth are coming in at age 10, see my video on The Best Shower Filter.

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21 Replies

  1. HT Tarring Reply

    So, use already diluted essential oregano oil (by the manufacturer), which is called 'oil of oregano', or, Further dilute it by adding more olive or coconut oil to the commercially prepared 'oil of oregano'. … And Never Never Never Never Ever use undiluted essential oregano oil (aka oregano essential oil) ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  2. Maryta Elliott Reply

    Hi, can I give my 6 1/2 year old oregano oil in capsules? she has an infection on her gum above a filling.There a little softgels 70% carvracol 57mg. I was told 1 with breakfast and another at night time. We are trying to avoid antibiotics…is that the right dosis to kill the infection? for 1 week to 10 days

  3. First Last Reply

    Medicaid gives dental to adults in pain or have a disease the state decides not amerigroup (which lies for profit)

  4. KEEVVY Reply

    Why swallow & not spit it, wouldnโ€™t the oil retain all those bad bacteria from the thooth aria

  5. Mickey Minnie Reply

    LOL LOL LOL I didn't even look at what year you posted this so how are your children's teeth because they should be almost adults by now or adults depending on when you posted it or did you tape it and waited.. so funny so how are there teeth I know dentist like to make a bigger deal about it because they need to make their money so just wondering how your children's teeth are

  6. Mickey Minnie Reply

    I use this and recently used black oregano which is wild oregano and black seed oil with vitamin A and D… and yes using full strength will give you a major upset stomach because my girlfriend and I I had oil of oregano and she had full strength and I accidentally took hers the way I took mine (oil diluted) and I ended up with major abdominal pain waiting for that to subside was for quite a while and I Am older not funny I cant imagine it for a kid so yes it's very potent

  7. Mickey Minnie Reply

    I'm not judging or anything however I used to brush my son's teeth until he was 10 although I would let him continue after I did it so he still knew how to brush his teeth and the feel of it he only ever had one cavity in his mouth he is now 27 after he was 17/18 that was his own issue to control what he put in his mouth and how he took care of his teeth however up until he was 10 I used to brush his teeth and he had no cavities except for one yes I understand some people's teeth are healthier than others however I believe strongly that we should be brushing our kids teeth until a certain age. They are able to manipulate the toothbrush and get into the crevices and clean their teeth properly so there should not be cavities or very minimal as I myself never had that done and there were six of us and we all had multiple fillings in our mouth of mercury not cool..now i have issues of break-down of teath because of to many fillings..shame on those money hungry dentists..of those on social assistance back then๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  8. Anio Reply

    So did this remedy heal her tooth ? And Thankyou.

  9. justbreatheagain Reply

    can i use oregano essential oil if i mix with a carrier oil? if so what would the ratio be?

  10. RV Joey Reply

    More people would listen if we could learn like this. thank you ..adorable!

  11. Gabe Carter Reply

    Oh Jesus Christ I have a sore on my nose and I put the oil on it and it hurttttssssss

  12. DJ Ezidic Reply

    This was very annoying because I wanted the information fast BUT it was so cute listening to this little girl share some of her knowledge of oral health haha. Nice work and thanks.

  13. Josey Dennis Reply

    there are ways to prevent and reverse cavities with diet alone or herbs added to diet can't hurt. in the last few years there are more and more testimonials and instructions on the internet

  14. Mam Z Reply

    I have been using 5 drops of Oreganol P73 about 3x/day for 12 days so far. I had gotten sick with influenza and I kept consuming the oil. I have a cavity that started on my right fang, and noticed that it has been clearing up, since I began to supplement with oregano. I think that consuming the oregano oil frequently, and in large enough doses, it helps really clear up the cavities. Cavities are not just about what's on the surface, rather, they are caused by internal issues.

  15. Tom Nelson Reply

    Hi, With very good success I've been using "Gaia" Oil of Oregano daily for 3yrs now on a tooth that is one side of a bridge. Having a slight pain in that tooth my Dentist was worried about an infection so a root canal might be needed of which is a bridge replacement at 4k+. Saw a comment about Oregano Oil & started using the capsule version of the oil. I slice the edge of the capsule & squeeze the oil a little on my tongue & the rest on the Gum line for this tooth & adjacent gum area. Being a capsule the oil is really thick making this pretty easy. There is a slight burning of which is much less than eating something with jalapeno peppers in it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did try the liquid version but the taste is almost gagging. So far after using Oregano Oil I have no pain from this bridge. Also for the past year I have been doing Oil Pulling with a high quality Coconut Oil & my mouth feels absolutely great! Here's a link to the version I've been using:

  16. J Seek Reply

    I have the 100 percent pure Wild oregano oil from Greece, how can I dilute it to use on a bad tooth?

  17. Zdenek Marek Reply

    blast your system with vit C and calcium take ground eggshells in a smoothie it will stop any problems close up cavities by cleaning well stop all glycerine toothpast they coat teeth then use comfrey root it knits the tooth ( or bone) together stops bleeding and pain its like youu got a new tooth!!!! I did this instead of root canal and it really works AND saved my tooth too.

  18. Mary Justin Reply

    Will this work where no cavity is in tooth. Just abscess at root that is causing extreme pain and is now swelling up my cheek? Thank you Dr. Can't figure out why the root got infected and the tooth is perfectly normal.

  19. OGIvI - Reply

    I have the same hole….it hurts sooooo bad