Wisdom Teeth Removal | I SAID WHAT?!?

I get all four wisdom teeth removed! I said what?!
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29 Replies

  1. Kelsey Lowrance Reply

    What IF I was a softball player??
    Watch to find out what this comment means! haha

    Do you know what dance I am doing in the recovery room?
    Comment below!

  2. Michelle Monica Reply

    I just turned 26 and I need to get mine taken out too but this video makes me nervous 😂😂

  3. Jennifer Aquilino Reply

    Are you feeling back to normal now? My 16 yr old son had his out in February. All 4 of his were impacted, but he had an excellent oral surgeon! My son was mostly back to normal in a week! Being younger helps! Our surgeon told us that he came in at the perfect time. If we would have waited another year all of the roots would have been down at the nerve😩

  4. Ralph 0616 Reply

    Too funny! Love that you are not afraid to vlog makeup free!

  5. Sydney Hysell Reply

    You’re gorgeous with or without makeup!! Thanks for showing us your vulnerable side! I’m 26 and had my wisdom teeth removed 11 years ago. I’m glad IG & YouTube wasn’t big back then because it’s hard to tell what I would’ve done 😂 my mom and grandma said I was saying some CRAZY stuff 😂 hope you’re feeling better! Xo

  6. Isaac Comelli Reply

    Seems like you had it a lot harder than when I got my wisdom teeth out. Good job on staying positive and powering through.

  7. Hannah Chen Reply

    This video was so funny! I hope you feel better soon… 💕

  8. trose Reply

    Loved when you started singing “Someone’s watching me” 😂😂

  9. Katie Cozad Reply

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out at age 16. I cried and laughed out of sedation. I remember I couldn’t open my mouth far enough to get a spoon or anything in to eat. I got it done a week before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving day I was finally able to eat some real food and not just spaghetti o’s, jello, pudding etc. Be careful not to get dry sockets. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. Levi Escamilla Reply

    Aww girl, you look beautiful👏👏👏 what a champ for giving us this footage😂

  11. brad mullins Reply

    I would of loved it if you said “what if Brodie thinks he is a golfer” you 2 are awesome thanks for sharing.

  12. Eddy Jung Reply

    Aww! Poor Kelsey! But the video was pretty hilarious! Glad you’re doing better

  13. Kevin Thomas Reply

    Gotta ❤ a zoned out Kelsey….You're such a beast !!! Thanks for recording it.😨

  14. under the ocean Reply

    This was the first video I saw on your channel coming from Brodie's channel! 😀 You're so courageous to post this video and I love the vulnerability. Liked and Sub'd!

  15. Boymom33 ! Reply

    Loved seeing Nina in here! Your momma is the best!! I miss Dr Y crew! Good luck on your recovery girly!!

  16. Rosie Bess Reply

    Wisdom teeth removal was a breeze for me. No pain, no swelling, no bruises. Yours looked very brutal & swollen more than normal.

  17. EJ & CJ Reply

    My Mom has you bet she was 46 when she got her wisdom teeth out.

  18. Nomon Munir Reply

    i got mine (3) out end of 2018 and it was the worst 3 months ever . mine was smooth sailing tho so thats biased. 6 months later i'm glad i did it

  19. Laura Amy James Reply

    Few points from this video:
    1. Your nails look amazing
    2. What’s your skin/hair routine as both look beautiful
    3.Recovery room Kelsey = hilarious 😂

  20. Zach Dillon Reply

    My wisdom teeth didnt pop out of the gums like normal teeth are supposed to. I wont go into detail, but my experience sucked because of what the doctors had to do. So watching videos like these always make me feel better about.

  21. Mason Pitt Reply

    Did you get all 4 removed? I have all of mine coming through, no pain yet thank god! Still debating if I want to get em out yet or not.

  22. Vanilla Bean Reply

    Did Brodie and your mom switch in caretaking during your surgery

  23. Travis Reply

    I can’t believe you posted that, but glad that you did.