Wisdom Teeth Vlog!! (3 Day Recovery)

Hey you guys! It’s been a while since I uploaded a video but wanted to take you guys with me as I experienced getting my WISDOM TEETH OUT! Hope you enjoyed!

Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBK_H6Xzkjk

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If you’re still reading comment what videos you want to see next!!

26 Replies

  1. Claudia Dominguez Reply

    My experience was just like yours I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out on Wednesday n went back to work today Friday no swelling or bruising! The pain was bad the second day I’m still in the soft food stage I’m just scared to eat lol but it wasn’t as bad as I thought! N I also didn’t act all loopy after lol

  2. Sy Playz Reply

    I got mine done today. You are supposed to have a salt rinse 3 times a day after the first day and you didn’t talk about that

  3. King Rome Reply

    Just got 3 pull. Got 3 more that need pull out.

  4. whoo else Reply

    I just got my last 2 out yesterday. Cant wait for these next 2 wks to go by so i can smoke weed again lol.

  5. Ephemeral Snow Reply

    That deppresive ass. Shot of that yoghurt bowl. Made me snort sorry XD

  6. Kiki dances10121 Reply

    I got my 2 bottom wisdom teeth out and it’s day 3 and my mouth is still swollen and I’m still in pain.

  7. iSlANdlOKA941 Reply

    Just got 3wisdom removed 3days ago and my lower jaw seems so stiff I can barely open to brush my teeth and the inside sides of my gums seem swollen and I've I iced packed since after operation was done, 2impacted and 1 fully out I'm so humgryyy!!

  8. Joshua Barrera Reply

    Just got wisdom teeth pulled today! Hope I heal as quick as you did!!

  9. Jodie Odonovan Reply

    How long after you found out that u had to get them removed how long did u have to wait to actually get the surgery

  10. Hawaii Livin808 Reply

    3 day recovery my ass!! 😫 my third day feels like it’s the worst

  11. Stella Wee Reply

    I’ll get mine tomorrow, I’m freaking scared right now.

  12. Júlia x Reply

    Poor girl
    I FEEL your pain sis!!

  13. Mike No Reply

    I’m on day 4 and mine still hurt so damn bad

  14. meka2988 Reply

    I just removed mine today and I'm afraid to eat I'm so hungry 😭

  15. diana r Reply

    how tf her face not swollen at all 😭😭😭 i look like a chipmunk.

  16. Ren Hopes Reply

    Husband or boyfriend gots a pretty beautiful lady but lol after surgery

  17. Mystic Bluelight Reply

    Sweet potato mash with onion and garlic for healing was good for me.
    Also a good bone broth. Get well soon. I’m on day 3 too. 😷

  18. Omara Quintana Reply

    It’s 2: am in Boston I got two on my l side out yesterday around noon. I was spitting all the blood not knowing you can spit cuz I was drugged n came home to care for my kids. Well I’m crying cuz I took my pain meds an hr too late. This is the worst my face is uneven and I got to be up for school in the am. There goes my thanksgiving sheesh only God knows my pain. Moments like this make me think maybe I’m not meant to be alone I need to be babied ☹️

  19. jasminder bajwa Reply

    Here is fun fact …. I didn't take any painkillers since day 1 and I only got local anesthesia….

  20. let's motivate Reply

    Alisa now it's my turn!!!!😐😐😐🙄🙄🙄🤐🤐🤐🤐

  21. Keala Paro Reply

    I have my wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow all these comments are scaring me 😬

  22. TheRossini72 Reply

    I'm still dealing with the pain after 3 days..taking penicillin pills, swishing salt oral rinse..I took one day off work..but made it through the last night..gotta go back this Sunday..just hoping this pain go away soon..and I can go back to eating regular.