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Why YOU should become a DENTIST! |Top 3 Reasons|

Ever thought of becoming a dentist?!! Well here are 3 reasons why you should definitely become one! This is obviously a parody! I love my job, but it sure has its moments! Don’t forget to Comment, Like, and Subscribe!! Follow me on Twitter: @UCTeeth Follow me on Twitch: Twitch.Tv/UCTeeth Follow me on Instagram: @UCTeeth10

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Open Source Tooth Bar

Here we show the open source tooth bar in action, on our open source tractor. We also show apple trees blooming in October. See more of this madness at: http://openfarmtech.org/weblog/?p=363 Support our work at: http://openfarmtech.org/index.php?title=Open_Source_Ecology:Site_support

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